Street Art exhibition: Urban [R]evolution

Chenever there's an art exhibition at Cordoaria Nacional, representatives of the world scene showcase their talents. And it's a success, with major artists such as Akacorleone, Felipe Pantone, Wasted Rita, Vhils and many others shaking up the history of art. Incredible exhibition of works made by the artists especially for the event. Outside the Shepard Ferray building and Add [...]

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Aefore being a theatre and a cultural centre in Lisbon, this building was the emblem of Portuguese justice and power. The building has been the scene of many historic events and is an important venue for Portuguese culture, which continues to evolve while showcasing modern and classical Portuguese culture. This [...]

Interview Marc Terrice: The influence of the Muslim epic until today.  

Qhat traces of the influence of the ancient Caliphates can still be seen today on the Iberian Peninsula and particularly in Lisbon? Marc Terrisse, historian and author of the book: "Lisbon in the Muslim City" tells us some historical secrets. When did you decide to write about the Muslim history of Lisbon? It came naturally to me last year during a trip to Lisbon.

Who was the Marquis of Pombal?

Ghe Marquis of Pombal (Marquês de Pombal in Portuguese), a major Portuguese political figure, is enthroned above old Lisbon. As ambassador and then minister, his actions earned him the wrath of a section of the Portuguese people. Between abuse of power and innovative policies, how did this man become an important figure in Portuguese history? His beginnings Marquês de [...]

French bookstores

Lisbon is attracting more and more French speakers and literature is very important in Portugal. There are even bookshops in the metro or in between two restaurant terraces. Here are a few emblematic places for readers of the language of Molière. The new French Bookshop The bookshop is made up entirely of French books.

Kingpin Books KP

Lhe first and most complete comic book shop in Lisbon. A true institution, the creator of the place, author, scriptwriter and publisher Mário Freitas tells us the story of the comic shop. When did you open the shop? And what was the original idea? I opened the shop in 1999, so 23 years ago.

Baobá Livraria

Lhe travelling bookshop in the Campo de Ourique district likes to share the pleasure of reading. You may have come across one of the bookshop's storytellers at an event. At Boaba Livraria stories are read, told and shared. We went to meet them to present this shop full of books [...].

top 8 museums

LLisbon has many museums, especially since the redevelopment of the quays along the Tagus, with many buildings converted into museums and others completely new. Here is our list of the best museums in Lisbon. 1. museu de l'art contemporain Incredible collection of major and lesser-known masterpieces of modern art in a unique setting.

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