interior of the LX Factory bookstore high ceiling seen from above on the displays filled with books a child sitting on a chair reading accompanied by his mother mobile from a flying bike suspended from the ceiling

French bookstores

Lisbon is attracting more and more French speakers and literature is very important in Portugal. There are even bookstores in the metro or in between two restaurant terraces. Here are a few emblematic places for readers of the language of Molière.

The New French Bookstore

The bookshop is composed only of French books. You will find all the French literature from Guillaume Apollinaire to history books and foreign authors translated into French. It is the place to be for all lovers of beautiful sentences and stories.

  • R. Pinheiro Chagas 50B / Metro Saldanha
interior of the new french bookstore display tables and library filled with books posters on the walls

the bookshop of the museum of modern art

This bookstore is a must for all art and design lovers. Housed in the imposing building of the Museum of Modern Art (Coleçao Berardo Museum), the bookshop has a selection of French books and one of the largest collections of books on modern art in English. The shop has a complete and fine collection of art books. You will also find a very large selection of trendy and reference magazines of the moment.

  • Belèm Cultural Centre
interior of the bookshop of the Colecao Berardo museum, many shelves filled with art and design books

Ler Devagar, the LX Factory bookshop

Former newspaper printing plant, converted into a giant bookstore of mostly second-hand books, with a coffee corner. The bookstore has become the emblematic place of the LX Factory with a great height of ceiling. From floor to ceiling all the high walls are filled with shelves of books galore. The place is conducive to reading where events around literature and music are organized.

  • LX Factory / Bus Tram Calvario
interior of the LX Factory bookstore high ceiling seen from above on the displays filled with books a child sitting on a chair reading accompanied by his mobile mother of a flying bike suspended from the ceiling

Almedia bookstore

Very nice bookshop in the Rato district with a small selection of books in French. At the back of the shop there is a door/window that opens in summer to the garden and the fountain of the restaurant next door.

  • rua da Escola Politécnica n°225 / Metro Rato
interior of Almedia bookstore vintage dark wood desk covered with books and Remington typewriter and bookcase that fills the room

Baobá Livraria

Bookshop specialised in illustrated books for young people but not only. Located in Campo de Ourique, the bookshop offers monthly events around illustration and writing. Selection of books in French and other languages with atypical and unique stories. The bookshop collaborates with contemporary authors and illustrators through its publishing house.

  • R. Tomás da Anunciação 26, 1350-142 Lisboa

Read interview on the bookshop : Baobá Livraria

Kingpin Books

Bookstore for aficionados of comics, manga, or graphic novels. You are sure to find the latest edition of your favourite series. A wide selection of books in English as well as the latest illustrated books in French.

  • Av. Alm. Reis 82 A, 1150-021 Lisboa, Portugal

Read an interview with the owner: Kingping Books


The Fnac stores have a large selection of books in French and are present in the most commercial places of the city where you will also find the latest popular author.

  • Armazens Do Chiado shopping centre
  • Colombo shopping centre
inside the Fnac store several rows of books and bookcase light in letters saying livros

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