sunset on the Tagus River in Lisbon

What to do in Lisbon? Our top 10

Here we present the best of Lisbon, the essentials. Here is our ranking

São Jorge Castle

At the top of the highest hill in Lisbon is the Castle of São Jorge. With a breathtaking view of the city, a historic place of the medieval era, the Moorish Castle is the must in Lisbon. To get to the castle you can take the emblematic tram 28 that goes to the Martim Moniz square or the electric tuk-tuks that go up to Alfama.

seen on the Freguesia district of Castelo with the Saint-Georges castle


The district of Belém is magnificent with its iconic buildings such as the Tower of Belém or the Hieronymites Monastery. These monuments overlook the banks of the Tagus and are incredible.

Tower of Belem on the Tagus River

São Pedro de Alcãntara viewpoint

Lisbon has many remarkable watchtowers (miradouros) that offer a view of the city. The São Pedro de Alcãntara viewpoint is definitely worth a visit. Located north of Bairro Alto this place has a romantic side (see article Lisbon romantic).

viewpoint over the city of Lisbon and in the foreground the garden of the São Pedro de Alcãntara viewpoint.

The Triumphal Arch and the Commerce Square

At the end of the pedestrian street Augusta you reach the opening of the Arc de Triomphe and the huge square (praça do Comércio). The majestic square overlooks the Tagus, see article the most beautiful squares of Lisbon. Here you can take the tram to Belém or the LX Factory. You can also climb to the roof of the Arc de Triomphe to enjoy the view.

the largest square in Lisbon the commercial square or praça do comércio surrounded by buildings with yellow arcades paved square

Bairro Alto

The Bairro Alto district is the district of the party and the lisbote evenings. It is the most lively district with its narrow streets from sunset.

seen a little high up on a street in the Bairro Alto district in Lisbon


The Alfama district is one of the oldest parts of the city, stretching from São Jorge Castle to the river. Historic heart of Lisbon, the district is today the postcard of the city. On several winding hills stands the cathedral, churches and Portuguese houses.

seen on the Alfama district as well as the statue of Saint Vincent or San Vicente

Along the Tagus

From Oriente to Belém along the Tagus, the city offers wide open spaces with a view of the other bank. Along the riverside, buildings are more widely spaced, historic monuments are installed and new ones have been built. The banks of the Tagus are undergoing a metamorphosis, such as the creation of the bicycle path (see article Lisbon at bike ).

along the Tagus river in front of the monument of discoveries on Padrāo Dos Descobrimentos and the bridge of April 25

The LX Factory

Former factory reconverted into spaces for artists' resistances and other designer shops and restaurants. Events are of course organized in the evenings such as openings, concerts or readings as in the famous bookstore (see article the bookstores francophones).

paved pedestrian street of the LX Factory with its shops and a few shoppers and scooters

Marquis of Pombal

The statue of the Marquis de Pombal and the large garden Eduardo VII offer a magnificent view of the bay of Lisbon.

perspective of Eduardo VII Park and Marques de Pombal Square

The Time Out

The Mercado da Ribeira covered market near the Cais do Sodré ferry terminal, has been given a new look and opened a space dedicated to gastronomy. The Time Out is a food court with a large number of restaurateurs offering Portuguese specialities, ranging from renowned chefs to pastries and wines, in an atypical place.

Inside the covered market transformed into a huge food court.

Bonus : Sintra

A trip to Sintra to visit the castles and palaces and their sumptuous gardens are to be included in your program. Located 25 km from Lisbon you can get there by train from Rossio or Oriente station.

panoramic view of the National Palace of Pena emblematic yellow and red ochre facade

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