French bookstores

Lisbon is attracting more and more French speakers and literature is very important in Portugal. There are even bookshops in the metro or in between two restaurant terraces. Here are a few emblematic places for readers of the language of Molière. The new French Bookshop The bookshop is made up entirely of French books.

top 8 museums

LLisbon has many museums, especially since the redevelopment of the quays along the Tagus, with many buildings converted into museums and others completely new. Here is our list of the best museums in Lisbon. 1. museu de l'art contemporain Incredible collection of major and lesser-known masterpieces of modern art in a unique setting.

What to do in Lisbon? Our top 10

IHere we present the best of Lisbon, the must-haves. Here is our ranking The Castle Saint-Georges At the top of the highest hill in Lisbon is the Castle Saint-Georges. With a breathtaking view of the city, a historical place of the medieval period, the Moorish castle is the must in Lisbon. To get to the castle there are several [...]

The best rooftop in Lisbon

Pto raise the height to overlook the city with a cocktail in hand, is very pleasant. We present here the list of rooftops to discover and maybe come back. 1. Rooftop Bar of Hotel Mundial The Rooftop Bar has the best view of all the rooftop terraces in Lisbon, in the center, close to the Tagus River.

Visit Lisbon by bike

Dor several years now, the Lisbon City Council has been encouraging cycling and 6 cycle paths have been created. I tested the track that runs along the Tage de Oriente in Belém. The first time I arrived in Belém, I immediately fell under the charm of the great outdoors, a magnificent [...]

Street art in Lisbon

Lisbonne supports local and international graffiti artists, what better playground for its artists. At the corner of a street or only visible from above, Lisbon has works recognized by the street art scene and appreciated by passers-by. Shepard Fairey You have recognized the graffiti of the famous Shepard Fairey, this mural is located in the [...]

The most beautiful squares in Lisbon

Lisbonne is a pleasant city, its squares are a perfect example of it, where it is good to enjoy it. From the very large to the most intimate, Lisbon has a wide variety of paved squares. Commercial Square (praça do comércio) The Commercial Square is the largest square in Lisbon. This square has hosted [...]

Romantic Lisbon

Aith its Miradouros (watchtowers), its cobbled squares, its kiosks where you can taste a Portuguese speciality with a glass of wine, Lisbon is the romantic city par excellence. We have selected the most romantic places in Lisbon, do you know them? Miradouro de Santa Luzia Miradouro de Santa Luzia A site well known to tourists but its charm remains intact. […]

The 10 best brunches in Lisbon

After having criss-crossed the city to discover the best brunches in Lisbon, here is our ranking. Boutik A real favorite for the chillest brunch in Lisbon, in the surf and Californian spirit, everything in this place is perfect. It's a brunch café and surf shop and accessories. We are totally immersed in the surfing world and [...]

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Kuiper is an amateur blog dedicated to the city of Lisbon. On this blog, we present our favorites and favorite places, Lisbon is a city rich in history, culture and events that we want you to discover. Seen from the outside and particularly from France, many clichés circulate about Portugal and its people.

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