view on the city of Lisbon

Lisbon is a city with a unique atmosphere

It is truly a unique city in Europe and in the world. There is an energy especially in the city centre that mixes with the Portuguese tranquillity and gives a special atmosphere. The light in the city is unbelievable and you can feel the proximity to the ocean. This city is almost unreal, all these alleys, pavements and cobbled streets, beautiful squares and facades. The city offers many magnificent viewpoints (Miradouros). The city has not given in to multinational chains, the city is owned by its inhabitants. Lisbon's culture and lifestyle are very present. The people of Lisbon love to enjoy their city and the services are affordable for all budgets, because despite the economic crises the Portuguese like to go to a restaurant, have a coffee with a pasteis (pastry). It's extremely nice to have a European capital that offers a multitude of restaurants, kiosk terraces, pasterias (pastry café) that offer simple dishes accessible to all. Everywhere in the city you can have a lunch break with a toastmist, a coffee and a pastéis de nata. It's even the classic Portuguese. I encourage you to discover and support the small shops that make the richness of the city.

Good to know English is very well understood in Lisbon. It's easy to make yourself understood in English, forget your Spanish so as not to upset the locals, especially if you speak Spanish like a Portuguese cow. Basic simple English accompanied by a "boa tarde" or "obrigado" and you will be greeted with beautiful smiles.

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