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Kuiper is an amateur blog dedicated to the city of Lisbon. On this blog, we present our favorites and favorite places, Lisbon is a city rich in history, culture and events that we want you to discover. Seen from the outside and particularly from France, many clichés circulate about Portugal and its inhabitants that we hope to refute. Portugal is a country well anchored in the 21st century but attached to its traditions and culture. Lisbon as Portugal has changed a lot in the last few years and we will focus on its particularities because Lisbon is not just a place to make real estate investments. The city sometimes resists its too sudden changes and sometimes modernises. Our point of view is that the people of Lisbon do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past and seek to make the city pleasant, dynamic and a great place to live.

We don't pretend to be hyper objective, everyone has their own image and feelings of the city. We also encourage you to discover the city by yourself and to push the door of the small Portuguese shops which sometimes do not look like much but are "worth it".

We wish you a good visit on our blog and do not hesitate to share our articles. 😉

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