graffiti artist Frederico Draw's mural depicting women playing a percussion instrument

Street art in Lisbon

Lisbon supports local and international graffiti artists, what better playground for its artists. At the corner of a street or only visible from above, Lisbon has works recognized by the street art scene and appreciated by passers-by.

Shepard Fairey

You recognized the graffiti of the famous Shepard Fairey, this mural is located in the Graça district. Shepard Fairey and his team were right in depicting a military woman with a flower gun, a nod to the carnation revolution and the fight for women's rights in the artist's emblematic style.


This mural has become the reference work of the Pichiavo duet created in the area of the Saint Apolonia station. The strength of the Greek statue's gaze with the opposing effect of the coloured graffiti captivates us.

mural of the work of the Pichiavo duet in San Apolonia Lisbon representing a Greek male statue with tags

Frederico Draw & Ergo Bandits

Collaboration of the Portuguese collective Ergo Bandits with the graffiti artist from Porto, Frederico Draw. This mural was created in July 2019 for the cultural center of Cabo Verde.

graffiti artist Frederico Draw's mural depicting women playing a percussion instrument

Jacquline de Montaigne

Mural by Jacqueline de Montaigne facing the mural by Frederico Draw & Ergo Bandits from the Cape Verde cultural centre. This mural is an invitation to the imagination and a floral ode.

Mário Belém

The latest Street Art realization in the Graça district organized by Underdogs Gallery of the plastician Mário Belém. On this mural the artist thought of putting in image the isolation and the doubts that cross us. He questions us with this sentence: "Antes perdida par qui algues, do que a caminho de nenhures...".

Add Fuel

Add Fuel is a Portuguese artist based in Lisbon. The Portuguese capital is his playground and a source of inspiration. The influence of contemporary art and the Azuelos is very present in his work, as you can see on the mural in the rua da Senhora da Glória in Graça. He has succeeded in modernising this ancient Portuguese art, while playing with optical and material effects. 

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